January 9, 2018

The 30 Events of the Marine Battle Skills Test

The New Marine Battle Skills test contains 30 events broken out between six major categories:

Basic Infantry skills:
Conduct observation
Defend a position
Describe the use of deadly force
Employ a map and compass
Handle detainees
Identify anomalies
Perform actions with a service rifle
Perform immediate action upon contact with the enemy
Perform weapons handling procedures with a service rifle
Search an individual
Stand a sentry post
Visually identify indicators of improvised explosive devices

Communicate using hand and arm signals
Operate a VHF radio
Submit a message

First Aid:
Apply a tourniquet
Describe phases of tactical combat casualty care
Treat a cold weather injury
Treat a heat injury

Identify significant events in Marine Corps history
Identify the historical significance of Marine Corps uniform items

Apply the components of the decision cycle (OODA loop)
Describe Marine air-ground task force organizations
Describe operational security
Describe stresses of combat
Describe The Code of Conduct
Describe rights of a prisoner of war
Prepare for combat

Uniform Code of Military Justice:
Describe Article 15, Non-Judicial Punishment
Describe Article 31, Rights of the Accused

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