BST Infantry Skills – Search an Individual

 Search an Individual  

 Training Support Package (TSP) for the Marine Battle Skills Test (BST)


TASK: Search an individual

CONDITION: Given an individual, assigned weapon

STANDARD: Identifying all unauthorized material or threats to friendly forces.


ESTIMATED TIME TO TEST: 10 minutes per Marine


  1. Conduct a hasty search
  2. Conduct a detailed search


  1. MCWP 3-11.1 Marine Rifle Company/Platoon
  2. MCWP 3-11.2 W/CH1 Marine Rifle Squad
  3. MCWP 3-11.3 Scouting and Patrolling

SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS:  Service rifle and role-player

PERFORMANCE STEP 1: Conduct a hasty search.

Hasty Search. A hasty search is a quick body search or frisk.  A hasty search is used as a preliminary search to detect weapons that might be used against the searcher.

PERFORMANCE STEP 2: Conduct a detailed search.

Detailed Search. A detailed search is a more meticulous and thorough search for weapons and contraband.  The search should follow a logical sequence from top to toe.  Using both hands for the search, the search-man should not pat the individual but rather use a stroking movement.  Metal detectors or other devices such as biometric scanners may aid the search man.  The following areas should be carefully checked:

  1. The hair (in or under hats)
  2. Armpits
  3. Inside legs
  4. Hands
  5. Any medical dressings
  6. Any carried bags or cases
  7. Walking sticks, umbrellas, and crutches
  8. Shoes/boots

Searching Females.  Always ensure the same gender conducts the search. If a female is not available use medical personnel, members of a clergy, or senior officer as last resort. 

Duties of the Search Marine:

  1. Halt detainee
  2. Instruct detainee by commanding simple and direct orders in the local language
  3. Whenever possible restrain the detainee prior to conducting a search
  4. Search from head to feet

Duties of the Cover Marine:

  1. Provides cover for the search Marine
  2. Discourages escape and resistance
  3. Discourages hostile interference
  4. Alerts the search man of threats
  5. Resists distractions and maintains target acquisition
  6. Assesses threats constantly and prepares for the unexpected



Search an individual

Evaluation Checklist





SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS: Service rifle, role-player

EVALUATOR NOTE: Marines must demonstrate all performance steps to pass this event.  The evaluator will guide the Marine through the checklist by asking questions.

Performance StepInstructor NotesPass or Remediate
1. Conduct a hasty search.Marine should demonstrate a quick body search or frisk to detect weapons.


2. Conduct a detailed search.Marine should a detailed search carefully checking the following areas:

1. Hair (in or under hats/headwear)

2. Armpits

3. Hands

4. Any medical dressings

5. Any carried bags or cases

6. Walking sticks, umbrellas, and crutches

7. Shoes/boots


3. Report unauthorized materials to higher.Marine should state three of the following unauthorized materials:

1. Weapons

2. Homemade explosives

3. Fertilizer over the allowed limit

4. Radio transmitter parts and rudimentary circuit boards

5. Large amounts of batteries